Thank you for your interest in Northwest Metrology! We have been serving international metrology needs for over 12 years with a focus on North America. The products and services we represent are extremely well respected in the metrology and machine tool fields which include HEIDENHAINFARO, and other metrology specific resources. When accuracy counts...we are your resource. 

HEIDENHAIN and its partners are the worlds foremost leaders in machine accuracy equipment and are used by over 90% of the world's machine tool builders where accuracy, repeatability, and dependability are of primary importance. Northwest Metrology is a factory representative for HEIDENHAIN, ACU-RITE, METRONICS, LEINE & LINDE, ANILAM, RENCO, and RSF Electronics. We carry all DRO, Encoder, Gauge, Control, and Probe products available. Typically, if your product were to fail you would go directly to the OEM for replacement parts at full cost. As a factory representative, Northwest Metrology can offer the same genuine parts at a factory direct cost savings of 30% or more. 

FARO is one of the leading producers of Laser Trackers
 and 3D Laser Scanners used by NASA, Boeing, and many other high tech manufacturers today. We offer competitive rental rates and any other resource necessary to bring your project to completion with the highest quality results possible. There are unlimited new and known applications where this technology can improve accuracy, save valuable time, and reduce costs throughout your projects. We now have the Faro Ion Laser Tracker and the Faro Focus 3D Laser Scanner added to our arsenal of available rental equipment! 

Our business is built on customer service. When you contact Northwest Metrology you can rest assured we will do everything possible to ensure you and your business are well taken care of!

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Larry Morris (President)

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