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Replacement Parts

Make buying replacement parts fast and easy by avoiding OEMS's and buying directly from us. As a leading HEIDENAHIN distributor with over 20 years-experience in the metrology and machine tool fields, we are more than prepared to handle your measurement and control needs.

Contract Inspection & Consulting Services

Do you have parts that you need inspected? Northwest Metrology has your solution. With competitive rates, experienced technicians and top of the line equipment, we have the knowledge and resources you need to ensure that your parts are up to spec.

Machine Tool Calibration

Are your machines aligned and calibrated? Alignments help you cut better parts, reduce scrap rates and extend your machine tool's life. If you haven't had your machine tools calibrated you may be losing out on productivity.

Laser Tracker Rentals

Do you have a short to long term need for a laser tracker? Northwest Metrology's Laser Tracker rental program is a great way to gain quick access to Laser Trackers and other portable metrology systems.

When you contact Northwest Metrology you can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to get you the products and services you need.

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