​​​CNC Machine Tool Laser Calibration & Alignment Service Specialists

Machine Tool Calibration

Ballscrew Services

We offer a full range of Machine Tool Drive Components, Motion Control Systems, and Ballscrew repair/re-loading services. Our services are coordinated to include only high quality products and engineering for the manufacturing industries. We will help save you valuable capital dollars by getting your machines running like new without having to purchase over-priced OEM parts. We can provide parts and service for most American and foreign model Industrial and Manufacturing machines.

Ballbar Testing

A ballbar test is an extremely powerful diagnostic tool for CNC evaluation and is most commonly used to check the contouring accuracy of machine tools. The ballbar measures minute variations in radius as the machine follows a programmed circular path around the mount on the machine table. The data is then sent to a PC where the software calculates overall measures of positioning accuracy.

Ballbar testing provides a simple, rapid check of a CNC machine tool's positioning performance allowing users to benchmark and track the performance of their machines and to quickly diagnose problems that may require maintenance and the error sources that produce them. Regular ballbar testing helps to ensure accurate parts, reduce machine down-time, scrap and inspection costs, demonstrate compliance with machine performance and quality management standards, and to implement fact based preventative maintenance.

Laser Calibration

Increase Manufacturing Efficiency with Laser Calibrations from Northwest Metrology. Using the award-winning XD Laser from API, we are able to take fast, accurate measurement of machine positioning and axial capability making complete machine assessment possible with up to 80% less downtime.  The XD Laser is a multi-dimensional laser measurement system that simultaneously measures linear, angular, straightness and roll errors for rapid machine tool error assessment. If your machine is not running and producing quality parts you are not making money. We deliver the results you deserve and should expect.                                                                                      

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Contract Inspection & Consulting Services

Northwest Metrology's contract inspection & consulting services include inspection and verification of parts and assemblies, in-process inspection of machined parts, SPC data collection, analysis, and reporting among others. We have the knowledge and resources you need to enable you to build products, optimize processes, and deliver solutions by measuring quickly, simply and precisely. Our current inspection equipment includes:

  • FARO Vantage - "FARO has reinvented high accuracy, large volume measurement with the FARO Vantage. Offering a breakthrough in laser tracker technology, the FARO Vantage provides tremendous value in a complete laser tracking solution that offers extreme portability, supreme accuracy, and shop-floor durability." - FARO
  • Hexagon Roamer Arm - "This versatile 3D scanning tool enables reverse engineering, point cloud-to-CAD comparison, 3D visualization and inspection applications. Markets for scanning include: automotive, animation, artefacts, aerospace, apparel, medical, manufacturing and many more." - Hexagon